Cod Ends

Cod End Ring, Jars and Hose Clamp

The Model 9001-PJ 1 liter sampling jar screws into the Cod End Ring Model 9004-PR, which in turn attaches via hose clamp Model 9004-RC.

The jars are available in 2 liter (Model 9002-PJ) and 4 liter (Model 9004-PJ) sizes as well as in glass.

MODEL 9004-PR; PVC Cod End Ring is internally threaded to accept any SEA-GEAR sampling jar, and attaches to the net via hose clamp Model 9004-RC.

MODEL 9004-RC; Rubber Coated Hose Clamp is used for attaching the Cod End Ring to the net.

Cod End Bucket

Made of top quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC), SEA-GEAR buckets boast an easy to use snap-together design and a permanent mesh screen. The units are available in standard outside diameters of 3 1/2”, 4 1/2” and 6 1/2” and arrive with the necessary rubber coated hose clamp for quick and easy attachment to the net. The nylon micron mesh window is generally the same mesh as the plankton net and must be specified at time of order. Model numbering system for this item identifies the outside diameter and length of filtering bucket bottom section in inches.
Shown from left to right: Model 903.5-CB12, 903.5-CB-24, 906.5-CB12, 904.5-CB12 and 903.5-CB6.

Clamp-On, Press-On, Zip-On Cod Ends

Pictured left to right: dual grooved cod end ring with mesh bag. Model 9004-DC Dual Grooved Cod End Ring with rubber coated hose clamps. Model 904-B2; Zip-on vinyl bag with mesh liner, featuring water flow adjusting zipper and bottom panel wash down port. Velcro attaching cod end bag with Velcro closing seal. We are able to manufacture any type of cod end device.

Model 9004-B1 (not shown): For even greater ease in handling, the zipper attachment has been replaced by Velcro (magnetic seam tape). Simply pressing the fabric joins the unit to the cod end.

Clear Cod End Bucket with Zip on Mesh Holder

Clear buckets to facilitate sample viewing are a popular cod end device and available in custom sizes to meet your specifications.

The bucket is securely held in place via a mesh bag. For ease of transport the bag is equipped with carrying handles and a non-metallic zipper.

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