Hydro-Wire Components

Double Release Mechanism, Wire Stop & Snapper Block
SEA-GEAR Model Number: 1500-DR 1500-WS 1500-SB

Double Release Mechanism is used for “close-open-close” operation of Plankton Nets or miscellaneous flotation packages and water collection devices. The unit attaches to the hydro-wire by two quick release pins. It is held in place and swivels freely around Model 1500-WS Wire Stop. Release levers are activated through deployment of Model 1500-91B Brass Button Messenger. All accept up to .79 cm (5/16”) cable. Serial operation is a standard feature of the Double Release Mechanism. Model 1500-SB Snapper Block attaches to the Plankton Net Mouth Ring and secures the rolled net to the hydro-wire till messenger activation.


SEA-GEAR Model 1500-91B & 1500-91T Button Messenger

SEA-GEAR Brass Button Messenger, 1500-91B is a two-pound (91kg) general-purpose actuator designed for use with water bottles, plankton nets, double release mechanisms and other on-wire underwater devices. It offers a smooth cylindrical body without protrusions. The spring loaded button slides back when pressed against the up to 5/16” (.82cm) hydro-wire. Depressing the button for cable removal is an easy task for cold, wet, left or right hands. The messenger is equipped with a nylon lanyard for use with sequentially operated instruments.

Model 1500-91T Teflon Button Messenger conforms to the same critical design requirements as the brass version and offers the same ease of operation for applications in which any metallic contact is undesirable.


Mid Wire “Book” Clamp
SEA-GEAR Models 1500-BCD & 1500-BCS

This NEW and unique SEA-GEAR innovation allows attachment of multiple nets or other on-line instrumentation at selected cable intervals. Precision machined from delrin and stainless steel materials the lightweight “BOOK” CLAMP features superior strength, durability and ease of operation. Counter-clockwise rotation of the locking knob opens the door and self-centering cable jaws to accept cable diameters ranging in size from .31cm (1/8”) up to .79 cm (5/16”), clockwise rotation of the knob simultaneously closes and locks the door while grasping/securing the cable. Based on the hydro-wire selected the book clamp is available with either delrin, 1500-BCD or stainless steel, 1500-BCS jaws. No tools required.

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