Sea-Gear Model 9800 & 9810 MESOCOSMS

SEA-GEAR Mesocosms are large cylindrical enclosures designed for long-term environmental studies. The rugged fabric construction allows free water exchange through porous nylon side panels attached to a conical, nylon mesh bottom net. The units are designed to be deployed vertically within stainless steel support rings to maintain constant volume of the enclosed sample.

The Mesocosm panels are heavily reinforced with nylon webbing and lashed to the upper support ring through equally spaced, high-strength brass grommets. The lower rings are attached at one meter intervals via brass snaps that allow ease of handling and setting. The bottom net terminates in a standard 10 centimeter (4 in.) diameter nylon cuff.

The Mesocosms are fabricated on custom order in diameters ranging from 0.5 to 3 meters and lengths of up to 8 meters. The bottom sections are generally furnished with 53 micron netting, although other mesh openings can be supplied. A selection of cod-end bags, filtering buckets or jars is available. We invite inquiries and are happy to quote your specifications on enclosure size, mesh openings, cod-end attachments or other accessories.

Benthic Model 9810 with flat mesh bottom also available.

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