Specialty Nets & Trawls

We can custom manufacture any style net and associated frame you desire.

Examples of recent jobs below:

A Small Representation of Nets Available from SEA-GEAR:

- Calvet Net
- Puget Sound Net
- Pump Net
- Wisconsin Net
-Tucker Trawl
- Zebra Muscle net
- Limnological Net
-Camera Net etc...

Nets for any size tucker frame are available from SEA-GEAR.

Trawl Nets & Doors

SEA-GEAR now offers a line of plain or treated trawl style nets. Accessories include precision-machined doors, towing cables and proper trawl net flotation buoys.
Trawl/Seine Nets Available
Semi-Balloon Trawls
Mid-Water Trawl
Kvichak Trawl
Otter Trawls
Shrimp Trawls
Fish Trawls
Western Jib
Beach Seines
Fyke Net
Flat Net
Mongoose Net
Onieda Trap Net
Scorpion Net
Cat Fish Seines & Socks
All requests Welcomed.


Dip Nets and Skimmers

Although a wide variety of commercially available dip nets exist SEA-GEAR is able to provide a uniquely fashioned unit to meet your exact needs. We have manufactured dip nets for the collection of surface contaminates to floating whale feces. Any shape net, mesh and frame are available guaranteeing your satisfaction.


Contact factory for more information.

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